Wednesday 29 July 2020

A New Spam Caller...

EVENT: Mark the mobile number, 7482857440, as an unidentified spam caller. The caller claimed he is Branch Manager of SBI, Bankajora branch. He asks to provide proper KYC to continue the SBI transaction. It also claimed a text SMS has already been forwarded to my mobile number where it is requested to provide KYC; the claim precedes a wrong direction. I never received any text SMS from Bank in last fortnight. Finally, I asked the detail identity of this, so called Branch Manager of SBI. The two minute and thirty two seconds conversation manifests the intension; as the caller hesitates to reply back. However, it replied as a Branch Manager, SBI Bankajora Branch. However, it is dubious whether there is any SBI branch available in the said location. Now the spam caller hesitates to reply further as he is facing the BOUNCE BACK.    

He deliberately exercised to convince me either to provide proper KYC or to face SBI transaction failure.

It is quite surprise how this spam caller get the phone number and how does he confirm that I have SBI account. Is this a coincidental or planned call?

This is the second spam call received by me, dated 29th July, 2020. And the earlier received on 9th April, 2020.

WHAT TO DO: The event is to raise our alert system about our security. You might be the next target. No one knows who the next target of this spam caller group is. We always need to remember BANK NEVER ASKS THIS TYPE OF INFORMATION. However, your security is your responsibility. We should BOUNCE BACK this evil by raising our own security – NOT TO SHARE FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO ANY UNKNOWN EVEN IF HE EXPLAINS HE IS A BRANCH MANAGER.

I request all of you, hitting Like button is not the solution, however, share this alert notice among your Friends and relatives and appeal them to raise their alarm and throw a immense BOUNCE BACK. 

Sunday 17 May 2020


An awareness video based on real life story on 9th April 2020. One should know what not to disclose to a unknown caller or a hacker. Hackers are waiting for loophole to attack and convince you to make mistake so he can steal you. 

Thursday 9 April 2020

Hackers are waiting, am I….

Today is the sixteenth lockdown in India due to COVID19 alert. I started morning late. Preparing to pay a visit to my daily emails with tea and today’s newspaper. I have received a call from an unknown caller (+917362951949). I want to disclose as detail as I can so you can aware how HE is prepared to extract details of financial transaction.

The unidentified caller introduced himself as a reputed employee from State Bank of India, Headquarter, Sammriddhi Bhawan, Kolkata. He confidently asked about my last ATM transaction date that I have performed recently. [The point of STRIKE starts here]

I refused to say the details even I replied prompt Bank advertises it does neither and never ask this ever. Therefore, why should I tell you?

The caller might be expecting this answer, he replied well – your ATM service will be blocked from this time and INR 9000 will be deducted from your account.


I took time with an excuse; WAIT…I have to find my ATM card to forward the details. As I am prepared to log in my emails, I promptly log in my SBI account. I searched my ATM CARD Details. EVERYTHING IS OK. Nothing is blocked there. I log off – log in again. Searched my ATM details again. There is neither any block warning nor any remarkable notification from my Bank. I recognized the caller is waiting in other side of this voice call. Now I started speaking –

I find everything is ok, how then you can say a Bank can do this.

Now he replied do you like to enjoy the service or I block this service with an official SMS from SBI Headquarter.

I definitely want to enjoy the service.

Now the man replied, then reply the date of expiry of your card.

As my assumption was not to disclose details as I remember Bank does never ever ask these details, still I need to know how far the unidentified caller knows about me. Therefore, I replied with correct expiry date.

Now it gets more interest – he asks is it master card or visa.

Master card

[More intense inquiry] Please tell me the LAST FOUR DIGIT of your card.

I refused to reply and disconnected.

At fraction of seconds I received a SMS where digitally generated and manipulated version of deduction of INR 9000 is mentioned. SHOCKING..[attached the picture ]

Still I try to find where the mismatch is. However, there are series of mismatch from the beginning.

A second voice call came from (+917679089588). Now the unidentified caller using Hindi language.

He enforced me that did you receive Bank SMS? I replied yes.

Did you perform any transaction – I say no..

Did you perform any transaction –  no…. [same question with same answer]

Did you perform any transaction – NO, I don’t perform a transaction. Listen man – if Bank do any step without my concern I shall go to Supreme Court against my Bank. And you should know that I am not a layman. I read your memory and shall never get convinced anything from anybody like you.
Who is going to convince you – You are the man who is trying to convince me that I made a transaction. I completely get your attention.

But your transaction is at risk – It is my problem, I shall deal with my transaction and my cash balance, why are you so interested on my transaction. Let me inform the Police against you- wait.

The voice call disconnected.

I have learned many things from the above today. As the assumption saturated my mind that Bank never ever asks details of transaction, ATM pin, account no etc. therefore, mind was prepared not to disclose anything to this unidentified caller. However, I need to observe how far he knows about me.

It is observed this type of caller does not wait to think. One needs to reply promptly. Therefore one needs to follow the path where HE is taking you away. The alert system of pre-assumption made a strong defense – not to disclose the Key in this issue. If I would have been either provided the last four digits of ATM card or ATM pin (what he didn’t get time to ask) – I would have lost everything. Kindly observe the picture attached herewith how carefully the digitally generated SMS has been created to extract details – (1) the SMS has forwarded from a private number not from Bank server; (2) SBI ATM SMS always contain invisible first five digits and visible last six digits – total eleven digit of account number – in this case only last four digits are four crosses; (3) amount INR 9000.00, date, time, ATM id is marked with hyperlink; (4) the SMS defines my account is nil after this transaction.

Figure 1
Figure 2

As technology find new way to secure transaction, hackers finds complicated path to distract an individual. I must conclude with the one that boundary line between me and the Crime is how far am I alert. If I am alert then I can dodge the crime. So be careful and alert always.        

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Friday 3 April 2020

Go back #COVID19 (2)

WHO Experts are emphasizing on triple T and I formula mean Trace, Track, Treat and Isolate formula to attain Break the Chain of Corona Virus. Initially Administration have to trace the most probable cases may be the link embedded with current COVID19 patients and their family members. Administration need to track the further probable cases that either be less probable or may arise symptoms within next fortnight. A next prescribed step is to treat these all on top priority. And finally isolate them in most comfortable zone to arrest the infection from the rest World. This is the most scientific way to fight battle with COVID19 till date.

Today the movement of people is completely restricted in India. Therefore the probability of infection from foreign countries is nil. This is however true people came back home after a foreign travel might be a carrier of the deadly virus. It is requested from Administration to stay home quarantine for fourteen more days, if you have a travel history. The objective is if there is any virus infected person, the symptoms will definitely reported within 14 days. Every epidemic has its own history. History says about its appearance, proliferation in man, whether proliferated to livestock, amount of severity, death toll and finally how man had overcame the hurdle. It is pertinent to mention here that, appearance of Corona virus and volume of spread and the disaster in consequence is so sudden and unprecedented that it made the World lockdown inside room. There is no better way except lockdown.
In India people participated ‘Janata Curfew’ on 22nd March 2020. With a successful response of the day the Union Health Administration inspired to invite 21 day complete lockdown all over the country. However, lockdown was initiated at 00:00 on 25th March 2020 and it will run to 23:59 on 14th April, 2020. All the mega events of sports, religious affairs, political assembly, cultural events etc. is forbidden in this period. Airways, Railways and Roadways are closed and borders of states are sealed. It is advised to stay home and stop any human movement on this period. It is estimated that the consequence will definitely be reported by 4th or 5th April 2020. And experts say that 5th April 2020 results will be the final affected cases and attain a saturation. It is expected no further increase of cases may happen after this date. However, this is a far more favorable condition for India. Till the lockdown period we need to perform the triple T and I formula so that there would have favorable number of cure patients in state, which inevitably build confidence. However, situation is tougher than it seems.

There is a tendency not to disclose the travel history to health officials and doctors from the patients who have Corona similar symptoms. People are not interested to get tested. However, the awareness becomes so high, neighbors taking initiation and invite health officials in block level along with Police personnel. Therefore, it became easier to administration to track the potential cases. It is glad to see people embarked temporary blockade to their premises. Outsiders are forbidden for lockdown period, insiders are allowed to move if there is a necessity. Therefore, movement is restricted almost in all dimensions.

Restriction and social distancing are also being maintained market places. People are maintaining at least one meter distance among each other. Some sellers are refused to sale products if an individual is refused to stand on marked white line. It is hard to find people in a market. It is really astonishing that people are selecting time zones suitable to purchase consumables. This is however alarming that people are aware about the issue and co-operating with Administration to move a resolution. On this very crisis, online delivery system has withdrawn its delivery services. Technically updated people, who depend on online delivery services, are facing problems. On the other hand, volunteers are distributing food-grains to poverty line people. As a consequence, there is neither a panic but stability in market sustains.

It is also pertinent to mention that, Administration has a strong vigil to ensure no movement is being performed. However, it is gratified to express that we are on the path to overcome this calamity. This is the war, for the people, by the people, of the people would be concluded satisfactorily.

Again it is to mention, the environment is pollution free on this days. We are failed to inhale carbonated air. Less movement inevitably invited lesser sound pollution. Apart from this the clear blue sky is visible. Nature invites her harmony and integrated a pollution free environment again for the rest World. And Civilization is blessed.

Sunday 29 March 2020


This is to cordially inform you that I have created a video series of tutorial. This tutorial contents solution of Arithmetic problems in competetive examinations. I have excercised to cover most of the Government Job competetive examinations.This is to rather mention that the subject is so enormous, it is difficult to cover the whole subject on a single video. It is pertinent to mention that the language used in video is Hindi. I am trying to adopt the skill on Hindi.

It is also to mention here that I am going to upload more videos on this regards.   

Youtube Link  --

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Go Back #COVID19

I am not in the age of World War, neither had I seen any War. However, I am scared about the NEOLIBERAL VIRUS CORONA broke out to abolish Man from this battleground.

WHO declared attack of Corona is pandemic. It proliferated almost among all Nations of the World. India is also one among them. Civil Aviation Department has shuts its door for foreign flights from 22nd to 28th March 2020. All the States like Punjab, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Manipur, Nagaland and Southern States & UTs have declared lockdowns and even unaware or misbehaving persons are being enforced to abide by Law under current situation. West Bengal declared the shutdown of domestic aviation from 23:59, 24th march 2020.

A serious process is running to turn the State General Hospitals to treat Corona infected patients. It deliberately discharged the patient on board to ensure and protect the proliferation of further infection. The nature of proliferation is in geometrical progression. Therefore, the objective is to arrest the problem till that moment when it is still within the grip, else it may be late. On this very objective State Government requested the private hospitals to work with the Government on same footing. They have been requested to uphold infrastructure to cope up with the new Corona cases. The proper response has already reported and twenty six new private hospitals reported with proper isolation bed with attached toilets, ventilation facility, masks and proper sanitization facilities. However, it is a very welcome move by the Administration. It is extremely vulnerable that how can we cope up with this rapidly spreading virus in a more than 1.3 billion Nation.

Almost all Nations are doing their best to Break the Chain of Corona. Because no one knows the breakthrough that can either control and destroy the virus. If current situation prevail Break the Chain is the only method to arrest the infection and make it localize as we don’t know the proper chemistry. It is the most scientific method till date. Western countries are almost devastated as they took late decision according to experts and media report. I don’t blame to Indian Administration about their late response, however, I congratulate to experts, who have thoroughly analyzed the pros and cons of the administrative deliberations on this situation. Time is best teacher. And we learn according to time, hence the step is taken for a better tomorrow. Administration has implemented the stricter laws for execution of discipline. It declared citizens are requested to STAY HOME, till the lockdown period. One can steps out only either medical emergency or to intake food grains. No additional or luxurious step is permitted in this situation. If it is found someone to violate the norm, would be treated as criminal offence and may face criminal proceedings implemented by State.

I must pay my humble gratitude to the Prime Minister of India for twenty one days lock down from 25th March 2020 at 00:00 hours till 14th April 2020 at 23:59 hours. On the very life threatening battleground, this action is extremely laudable. No action other than this move can achieve our required goal of Break the Chain.     

It will not be exaggeration if I say Corona hit the Human Civilization on this very Digitally Globalised World, where people can access everything at her fingertip. Therefore it is threat to Human. All the action is to save the Human. Everyone is requested to co-operate with state by abiding law and order. Here we are not in the state of blame. However, people are anxious about the civil rights and morality of this behavior. On the contrary, one needs to observe the condition where every human is in stake. We can compromise our civil rights for a certain time for the sake of Human Civilization. No one knows how the virus will attack and to whom. No specific laws still emerged to confine the nature of this microbe. However, scientists are doing their best to come a conclusion as soon as possible.

This is also to mention here that we need to keep our patience. It is our responsibility not to believe on FAKE NEWS. We need to oath that we have to follow and act accordingly what the Administrative and authorized media declaration.

This is a day to take oath. We should not do anything else prescribed in order. Danger will inevitably be invited if we do anything in our own interest.  

Time will define who is going to win the battle – life or death. Please remember that today’s pain is tomorrows gain. I strongly believe we can win the battle with Corona. We need to believe again Slow but steady wins the Race.

We should remember that we are doing this for the sake of humanity. We are creating history in our own by creating an example to rest of the World.